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just slept for 15 hours straight and feels like a new man. well, a new old man. ok, a nude old man. maybe a bold nude man? time to scare cat


Hail Eris! Cause she is great! She sure helped me stay up this late! FYI: its all coded up and demonstrable! sweet! no seppuku for me! yay!!


i am amazed at how divided our country has become. despite a desperate disasterous dirty campaign, 48% still went mcCain.

Except of course, Travis county! GRATZ! 66% Obama. Nice Score!


Hotwire Flight Confirmation - F. Broyles Austin 11/20/08 popepancho.livejournal.com/55048.html

I'm booked and confirmed! I'm flying home! fyiiiiiiii fwheeee!!!
Lock up your daughters! Hide your drugs! The F-Bomb is back!!!
Please print and keep with you for check in. Bring nothing but this ticket to the airport. All personal belongings will be thrown to the dogs at your own expense! <<fnord>>
Dear High Pope,

Thank you for booking your travel with Hotwire! Here are the angularities for your flight. Please note that all purchases are final and no changes or refunds are allowed. So suck it!

Your e-tickets with US Airways and Frontier Airlines are confirmed.  wheee haw FUCK YEAH!!!! screw a paper ticket, we are sending you a fucking email. We suggest you print this message bitch and take it with you when you travel. Ban human clothing.
Customer Care
Hotwire associates are available to answer your questions 23 hours a day,
8 days a week.
On our site
Answers to uniquely asked questions...

By email

By phone
US/Canada toll free
(1-866-learn to spell)
Outside US/Canada
 commie charges apply
Austin flight
Hotwire itinerary: 736dd7921`1132064
US Airways Confirmation Code: BPGIGAH1TFT5
Frontier Airlines Confirmation Code: Q

About your flight: You do not need to re-confirm this flight with Hotwire. US Airways and Frontier Airlines have your reservation. We cannot seat incomplete parties. 38% gratuity added to groups of zero or more.
Airline Logo
Trip details
AirFlight details
1 roundtrip tickets
All flight times are local. All local times are imaginary.
Outbound departure
Portland (PDX) to
Denver (DEN)
on Thu, Nov 20, 2008
Arrives 6:14PM
Duration: 2 hr 24 minAir Frontier Airlines
Flight 796 - Nonstop
Airbus A319
Layover duration: 0 hr 46 min
Connection departure
Denver (DEN) to
Austin (AUS)
on Thu, Nov 20, 2008       
Arrives 10:04PM
Duration: 2 hr 04 minAir Frontier Airlines
Flight 214 - Nonstop
Airbus (the wheeeeeeeells on the bus go round and WHAAAA?!) A318
Return departure
Austin (AUS) to
Phoenix (PHX)
on Fri, Nov 28, 2008

aww look a little beehive smiley. how cute!

Arrives 7:39AM
Duration: 2 hr 29 minAir US Airways
(Operated by: Us Airways Express - Mesa Airlines) (Sponsored by Molson's Extra Dry and Foamy Lager "mmmmm That's Foamy!" Amphitheater)
Flight 2774 - Nonstop
Canadair Regional Jet 900
Layover duration: 0 hr 53 min
Connection departure
Phoenix (PHX) to
Portland (PDX)
on Fri, Nov 28, 2008
Arrives 10:25AM
Duration: 2 hr 53 minAir US Airways
Flight 86 - Nonstop (unless the pilot has to pee, then he'll stop quick as you please.)
Boeing 737-300
 Total trip duration: 6 hr 15 min 
               so hows that for a quick flight?
barely enough time for a 'captain's club' three-way.
Traveler details
Passenger nameTicket numberFrequent flyer program
Frank E Broyles4223383183891Add
Total cost for your trip
Flight (We keep our prices low by stealing your fillings while you sleep. MWAHAH AHAHA!) (Naw, we just don't give you shit)
Price per person:$266.19
Booking fee:$0.00
to conclude:
Now for something that really shouldn't be funny
but is.
And something that should be funny
but scares the tiny crap out of me
this is my best / worst case analysis of the word 'adorable'!




the secrets out. the cia is leaking. tinyurl.com/54q2fy


@xtopher42 you mean to tell me you haven't voted yet! i've already voted thrice in four districts!


am i now or ever been a communist? i got drunk in college and wandered into the wrong meeting, vodka was good. but does that make me commie?

of course it does comrade! tinyurl.com/5cp2nz

when you pirate MP3s, you're downloading communism. good for you! tinyurl.com/5ozy32


just got back from the henry rollins show
my sister took me for my b-day, amazing!
he threw down the awesome logic as only he can.
his stories of travel and the adventures he has
by walking up to people and saying "hi, i'm henry"
he was talking about being in pakistan when bhutto
was assassinated, and (after convincing the hotel
security to let him go out into the firey city)
coming upon a crowd of men carrying pipes and sticks
chanting her name. he figured the safest place to
be was within the mob, so he dove in and raised
his conspicuously white arm above his head,
chanting along. he got a few weird looks, but the people
just accepted his mutual grief and walked along with him.

he talked a lot about political shit, not preaching.
(henry doesn't preach, he doesn't lecture
henry DOES. and then is nice enough to come tell us about it all)
but he talked a lot about the importance of science and service.
he has some new documentaries coming out which sound amazing.
one is called H for Hunger. originally done by a french guy
who ranted about the math of hunger, writing on glass panes
with grease pencil while disturbing footage played behind him.
in french, he went into the experience of starvation, day 1, day 10, day 20, death.
projecting just intense anger that this pain still happens to people.
a director approached henry and said that since it was in french,
it wasn't reaching as many as it should. and the french guy said to him,
"we need a really angry guy who speaks english". "have i got the guy for you!"
and so henry jumped on board and filmed an english version. can't wait.

(from a cambodian tour guide who knew little english,
but liked to play with the little he knew)

more to come later ... i gotta get back to work.
henry was the inspiration i needed to shake off my funk
and realize there is work to be done, and i have to do.

bless his way!



@xtopher42 so yeah, maybe the peace corps is a bit facist. but nowhere near as much as the war corps. maybe cause corps is hiding silent e.


life is always tempting. pain is always fleeting. mind is always chaos. heart is always open. breath is always now. being always is. always.

ding ding ding! 140 char for the win! <happy dance> do de dah ba dup peda bwabwa wheeeeeeEEEEEeeeCHEATEReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeee


@xtopher42 your lizard brain only handles breath, heart, and tracking flies. breathe deep friend and your inner gecko will chill its blood.

tinyurl.com/4nl3lh religion and politics = same technology?

purchase plush particle physics tinyurl.com/4w3on3

Oct. 2nd, 2008

Noah Feldman makes a searing case that both politics and religion -- whatever their differences -- are similar technologies, designed to efficiently connect and manage any group of people.


IT LEARNS! IT LEARNS! my algorithm learns and adapts to its environment! now to breed them together to make virtual flying monkeys!


amazing new thing from google. political quote mining! labs.google.com/inquotes/ fun fun


had to do an impromptu speech in class today ... the topic i was given was 'books', ended up being about 'one hen, two ducks' ate up time...

fieldstripping my macbook pro. scorched earth baby! nothing but naughts! recent experiments have led to annoying chaos, time to focus osx.


Porn is a tool for focusing on the task at hand.

developing a general cognitive architecture for intelligent behavior, trying to start a trend here people! Throw Books At People! BIG WORDS!

tinyurl.com/5jrykz fancy origami folding with cello backup

was that a wild full moon this week or what?! wheee! cough hack spudder shrug shake grin hi bounce bounce wheee! tinyurl.com/3vux6b

when it comes to the pirates vs ninjas debate
my money is always on the were-bear with a chainsaw
now there's an undead killing machine!

but i've always loved the way blood tastes like copper ....

just how loony could a vampire be?Collapse )
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